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stone timeTime. It’s what we writers fight for. Without it, we have no hope of bringing our written creations to life. We need time to study, time to read, time to ponder, time to dream, and – of course – time to write.

To further tax our meager repositories of minutes and hours, writing dreams that include hopes of being published and getting our writing into the hands and hearts of readers also require time to network, market, and otherwise promote ourselves and our work.

So, the question becomes, “How much time should you spend writing vs. marketing?”

I don’t have a definitive answer to share, but I have been trying to capturing more accurately the amount of time I spend on non-writing, but writing-related activities. This list includes things like blogging (which is typically unpaid, but serves to strengthen your voice and build your audience), research  (for grants, submission guidelines, etc.), attending…

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